work published

page #06. ebner verlag gmbh & co. kg.
laus 2014. adg-fad.

imprint 2. sandu publishing.
absolute stationery design. gingko press.
idn extra 08: typo/graphic posters.
understanding type by michael harkins. ava publishing.
+81 vol. 62, world’s poster design issue.
laus 2013. adg-fad.
visual #154. blur.
visual #160. blur.

2012 index book.
identity suite. viction:ary.
stop, think, go, do: by steven heller & mirko ilić. rockport publishers.
computer arts collection, typography.
laus 2012. adg-fad.

time magazine. abril.
type player 2. sandu publishing.
brand new awards. underconsideration llc.
harper’s bazaar corea. junio.
choi’s gallery vol. 12.
zupi #26.
the book of envy, laus 2011. adg-fad.